Content is still King, tips to enhance your SEO

Content is still king! Content is the compilation of a page’s customer facing text, images, video, links, and include a page’s non-user facing variables, such as open graph tags or meta tags, that are considered by a search engine when evaluating a page’s relevancy for a user’s search query. All pages should have at least Read more about Content is still King, tips to enhance your SEO[…]

Robots.txt & Robots Tag in SEO

A robots.txt file helps in telling a search engine crawler what parts of your site you would not like crawled. A server level file, that excludes certain domains, directories, or files from being indexed by the search engines. The sitemap xml feed should be listed in the robots.txt file. Secondarily, the best practice is to not index Read more about Robots.txt & Robots Tag in SEO[…]