July 22, 2012


85.5% of global email volume comprise of spam.

Cisco IronPort SenderBase (April 2017), a Cisco System Initiative

What have you done recently to get your emails into the Inbox?

Email marketing is the concept of deliver relevant emails to your customer (or potential customer) at the right time to drive sales. In order to have a successful email marketing program, it is critical to maintain a well managed email list, and utilizing with an email service provider (ESP) as a tool to deliver those emails in a timely manner.

The idea of deploying email marketing today and reaping the rewards tomorrow is over simplified. Before you are start an email campaign, it is critical to build and maintain your email list. Following that, it is a nurturing process to establish a relationship with your customers while taking into consideration that email service providers (ESP) like Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, etc are always updating their spam filters.

Why Do You Need email Marketing Service?

In a 83-page 2012 census report on email marketing, over 70% of the 800 responding companies rate email as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ for return on investment (ROI). The survey revealed that although they rate email as a good ROI tool, they also discovered that less than a third of companies regularly test their email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is often the most effective and cost efficient element of an online marketing mix, if manager properly. It gives you the ability to reach your customers easily and drive the desired result. DMA puts email marketing’s ROI for 2011 at $40.56 for every $1 invested. In 2012 it is predicted that “email will account for $67.8 billion in sales.”

In MarketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Benchmark Survey, nearly one-fifth of email marketing budgets set to increase more than 30%.
Email marketing budget change from 2011 to 2012

MarketingSherpa Survey 2011. n=2,735

Email marketing is not only about dollars and cents – it helps by building a relationships, cultivates loyalty and trust. Email marketing is effective, inexpensive and measurable.

Why work with e2 Ideas email marketing service?

Email marketing is always evolving; bounced email, list delivery segmentation, delivery rate, spam filters and to the risk of being accused as a spammer. By having the right email marketing strategy, it will complement your online business to help drive sales.

The e2 Ideas email management service will work with you to reach your company goals from strategy, design and maintenance that will yield the best results possible. e2 Ideas will implement ROI focus strategies and tactics that will address your company‚Äôs unique needs, and understand your customer’s needs.

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