July 22, 2012


Tapping into Affiliate marketing is like

Tapping into an online sales force!

Affiliate marketing is a pay per performance marketing model in which the advertisers (merchants) compensate publishers (affiliates) for results, such as making a purchase or filling up a form. This compensation model is in essence the modern version of the “finders’-fee” model, where individuals who introduce new clients to a business are compensated.

The advertisers only pay their publishers when the new client introduced results in a sale, or a lead, making it a low-risk, high-reward environment. Affiliate marketing involves a high degree of relationship building and networking with the right strategy, as compared to other traditional internet marketing such as email, pay per click, social marketing and search engine optimization.

Why Do You Need Affiliate Marketing?

Internet Advertising Bureau’s affiliate marketing council reported on June 22, 2012 that affiliate marketing is expected to grow significantly in the next year. The survey revealed that 77% of advertisers increased their affiliate marketing spend this year, while 71% expected spend to grow even more.

Affiliate marketing continues to be seen as a legitimate and cost-effective way for businesses to market themselves and we have seen companies from Amazon to Groupon having huge results in maintaining a strong presence in affiliate marketing. As the industry grows, expect to see more networks, advertisers and agencies stepping up their games.

Why work with e2 Ideas Affiliate Program Management service

At e2 Ideas, we understand what it takes to manage a successful affiliate program while taking your company’s goals into consideration. e2 Ideas have excelled at managing numerous programs that focused on generating customers, expanding sales or even driving lead, but at the end of the day, there is no such thing as a cookie cutter affiliate management as each program is unique. We managed over $2.5 million in affiliate media spend in 2012 and was nominated for LinkShare Golden Link Award in 2007.

All of our affiliate program management package include:

  • Affiliate program analysis
  • Marketplace research analysis
  • Affiliate screening and approval
  • Affiliate program recruitment
  • Affiliate campaign management

At the same time, if you are looking for an Outsourced Program Manager (OPM) to launch a program, we specialize in helping any organization develop a new affiliate program.

Affiliate Network Partner

Based on your goals and your budgets, we will recommend the network for you. Here are some of the most trusted and effective Affiliate Networks in the industry that we partner with for our clients’ success. If your preferred network is not listed here, don’t worry. We work with any network that you choose.

Linkshare affiliate network
LinkConnector Marketing Network
ClickBooth CPL network
AvantLink affiliate network