The rise of mobile emails, migration from web based email clients

Mobile users are checking their email more than ever on their mobile devices as mobile open increased by 24% in 2013 (from 41% to 51% of total opens), according to an analysis by Litmus. The traditional webmail opens dropped from 28% to 18%. As mobile adoption grows at a high trajectory rate, webmail will see a decline as more and more people are going mobile.

Some interesting facts include 39% of all webmail will opens are on iOS, and the once dominant AOL Mail ranks 12th on the webmail client opens with 1%. The sample size of the study was derived from 6 million opens from webmail accounts.

Here are some suggestions on preparing for the mobile email tsunami.

  1. Think Content
    Remember that the screen site of a mobile phone is 3-6″, while a table is 6-12″; an email with lots of text in small fonts might result in a mobile user trying to read your email while stressing their eyesight, before deleting your email. Cut to the chase, be clear and concise plus don’t forget to provide a call to action.
  2. Responsive Design
    Responsive design is a design technique in which a special CSS3 code is used called “media queries”. Using these media queries, you can easily determine what style is applied when your email or website is opened on a digital device such as a smartphone.
  3. Elements
    Consider maintaining emails between 320-480px wide with images that are optimized for mobile consumption, such as reducing the HTTP request dependencies, image dimensions and image format. A research by found that 64% of smartphone users expect websites to load in 4 seconds or less.

Where do Webmail users Open emails – Infographics

Growth in mobile email clients - infographics

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